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under the bed. Deadly spiders. Rattlesnakes. Tsunamis. Coronavirus. Demons. Artificial Intelligence. Death. Dishonour. Incontinence. I could go on all day, every day, for years, but you probably have cottoned on by now. What do they all have in common? You’d be surprised. They all scare the shit out of us. Many of you probably don’t know the reality of modern Artificial Intelligence and the way it’s changing our lives, but more of you are scared of it. …


self-published authors spend the majority of their week in two ways, writing their next novel and marketing their current book. It’s no secret that we operate in a highly saturated market, with hundreds of sub-markets which are also highly saturated, take for example, the romance genre. In the era of saturated markets and heavy competition, it’s important for authors to know what makes the book buyer think ‘yes, I’m going to buy this book!’.

Word of Mouth

Let’s face it.

Before you write a single word, you might already be dreaming of proudly informing everyone you know that you are a published writer. You may dream of royalties pouring in, literary agents beating down your door and publishers wooing you for your next manuscript. In this very dream, you walk into a bookstore, pleasantly unsurprised to see your glossy paperback on the shelf marked ‘bestseller.’ And what about those movie producers? Sigh. Admit it. Don’t fret, though. It’s every budding author’s dream.

No, wait a minute. Let me qualify that. Even before you dream, there has to…


you want to write a thriller. Not just any old thriller, but a pot-boiler, with twists and turns, a climactic ending and one worthy, not only of publication, but possibly also made into a film, or better yet, a television series. That is practically how I got started. Well, not really, but read on if you want to find out more.

Here’s how you go about it. Or at least, how I went about it. Please bear in mind that these are highlights that merely scratch the surface. …

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